Alert Operation

AlertOperation is an operation which can be used to present a UIAlertController.

// Presenting an alert from inside a view controller
let alert = AlertOperation(presentAlertFrom: self)

// Configure the alert's title and message
alert.title = NSLocalizedString("A title!", comment: "A Title!")
alert.message = NSLocalizedString("This is a message.", comment: "This is a message.")

// Add actions, if no actions are added, a default
// action (Okay) with no block is added.
alert.addActionWithTitle(NSLocalizedString("Ok", comment: "Ok")) { _ in
    print("Did press ok!")

// Add it to the queue...

A nice feature of this is that the alert operation is mutually exclusive, which means that no other AlertOperation instances can be executed until it is dismissed.



The UserConfirmationCondition is essentially an AlertOperation but used as a condition.